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Golden Sun Fanfiction

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Welcome to the Golden Sun Fanfiction Community! Feel free to join and post your fanfiction and/or the work of others here!

There are just a few rules:

1) Try to proofread your fic before posting it here. A spellcheck and a grammar check are not hard to perform, and some of the members may even offer to beta for you!

2) Fic challenges, collabs, and trades are welcome! Feel free to interact with other members of the community in any way you like!

3) Flaming is not allowed. If you think someone else's fanfiction needs help, be constructive with your criticism. Just saying "This sucks" helps no one.

4) On the flip side of that, try to be accepting of criticism others give you. We all can use improvement, so don't dismiss an idea about your piece needing work as the opinion of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.

5) Please place fanfictions behind an LJ-cut, so as not to jam up the community with many long entries.

6) Warn about anything offensive or any pairings that may be in your fic. Some people don't want to read deathfics or angst, some don't want to read slash or femmeslash, and some don't like reading het. If you want, you can use something like the following to indicate what's going on with your fic:

Summary: (optional)

7) No plagiarizing or taking a fic idea without permission from the author who came up with it. Idea trades are welcome, but only if the author posting the idea trade gives permission for ideas to be used freely.

8) This is not a badfic-report or sue-report journal; we're here to enjoy other fanfics, not berate them. If you find a fanfiction which you feel the other members would enjoy, feel free to post it here.

This community is administrated by empress_dots.

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