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Title: Aeons Pairing: Alex/Piers Rating: PG-13 Spoilers: Both… - Golden Sun Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Golden Sun Fanfiction

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[Dec. 23rd, 2007|08:38 pm]
Golden Sun Fanfiction


Title: Aeons
Pairing: Alex/Piers
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Both games, the ending; the whole shebang.
Warnings: Slash, swearing, character death.
Notes: This is my entry for 1sentence, using theme set Epsilon. I hope this is allowed here...
X-posted like crazy. Sorry!

Another note: This is set in a sort of post-game concept of mine; around a century after the ending of Golden Sun, Alex manages to escape from Mount Aleph, still with - most of - the power of the Golden Sun, though this is soon regulated by the Wise One, much to Alex's chagrin. He is also, due to the power he still holds, technically immortal, barring accidents. Piers, being Lemurian, will live long after the rest of the characters in Golden Sun have died; I imagine Alex finds him and persuades him to travel with him, a situation that continues for many centuries, as Weyard changes beyond recognition. Thus, the sentences in this post veer from when they first reunite to a very, very, very long time later.

#01 – Motion
Alex was always moving when he was casting; the motion of his arms sent his hair flying backwards in a cascade, and Piers felt he could watch it forever.

#02 - Cool
Alex was so cool, so fucking controlled, and sometimes Piers longed to slap him across the face just to see what would happen.

#03 - Young
Piers barely remembered being young, but he looked it still, even with his head bowed from weariness and his heart filled with grief.

#04 - Last
Piers was the last of them, left wandering in a world that he no longer recognised, until the presence at his back and the low voice murmuring, "Missed me?"

#05 - Wrong
Piers had thought that Alex would sooner kill him than admit that he didn't hate him; now he'd been proved wrong, and now everything was different.

#06 - Gentle
Alex's hands were gentler than Piers would ever have imagined as they touched the open gash in his side.

#07 - One
Piers was there as the Wise One told Alex that, if he didn't want to die horribly, he would have to learn to live with being a regular Mercury adept (and he was there afterwards, with Alex's hands bleeding from punching trees, to kiss his knuckles and whisper words of healing.)

#08 - Thousand
After a thousand years travelling together, hating and fucking and killing and (maybe, just maybe) loving, Piers still didn't understand Alex, and perhaps that would never change.

#09 - King
It had been a few centuries of travel, nothing more, but then the message came and Piers was standing at another grave, with a crown on his head that weighed more than lead and no-one by his side.

#10 - Learn
"We have to learn about our world if we want to save it," Kraden had said, and Piers had spent his whole life learning and maybe he didn't want to save the world any more.

#11 - Blur
The sequence of events was a bit of a blur, from Alex pinning him against the wall of their rented room to waking up, aching but in the arms of another human being for the first time in centuries.

#12 - Wait
"Alex, wait, listen to me, we're the last ones left, we're all we've got!"

#13 - Change
The world had changed beyond all reckoning, cities growing and dying like flowers, but Piers still woke up every day with the same face on the pillow beside him, and maybe that was all that mattered.

#14 - Command
It only took a word from Alex to make Piers obey without thinking, even if he hated himself for it afterwards.

#15 - Hold
With Alex conjuring torrents of water and spears of ice against their foes, it was a little hard for Piers not to feel like the one on the sidelines, holding his coat.

#16 - Need
Piers could rationalise, tell himself that Alex didn't just need him, he wasn't Sheba or Saturos or Agatio, but it wasn't until he felt the hand, tight around his wrist, keeping him in bed, that he acknowledged that Alex might want him, instead.

#17 - Vision
Alex had spent so long in the dark that he thought he would never close his eyes again, until a hand brushed over them and a soft voice murmured, "Don't you ever sleep?"

#18 - Attention
Alex was too busy freezing the beast to death to notice Piers slip out of consciousness as the blood loss became too much for him.

#19 - Soul
They're not two halves of the same soul, and maybe neither of them has one any more, washed away by the blood on their hands.

#20 - Picture
Alchemy brought with it many things, and one of them was this new-fangled idea of "photography"; Piers still kept the worn, tattered image of the two of them folded inside his shirt.

#21 - Fool
"You fool; you thought you could ever escape me?"

#22 - Mad
Alex was quite, quite mad, and the fires of insanity burned deep in his eyes; Piers didn't know whether he was besotted or terrified.

#23 - Child
Alex was a child next to him, mere decades compared to his centuries, and yet no-one had ever made him feel so stupid.

#24 - Now
They had to live for the moment; if they thought of the ages before, or the aeons after, they might go mad.

#25 - Shadow
Alex, disgusted with himself, thought he was a shadow of his former self, a pathetic failure; then Piers looked at him and he thought that, perhaps, he had won after all.

#26 - Goodbye
Piers had said his final goodbyes to his friends long ago; now it was Alex's turn to visit the stone markers and, somehow, forgive them.

#27 - Hide
"Alex, we can't go yet, that bloody Djinni's hiding here somewhere and we can't just leave without it...!"

#28 - Fortune
They had amassed a fortune over decades of battling whoever came their way; Alex took materialistic pride in spending it on the newest weapons from the sprawling metropolis that was Yallam, whilst Piers gave to the old and the sick and the orphaned with pointed looks at his companion.

#29 - Safe
They were surrounded by monsters, lost in the middle of nowhere, and without any means of escape, but Alex's hand was warm on his back and Piers felt safe.

#30 - Ghost
For the first few weeks, Piers had thought he was seeing a ghost; and then the ghost spoke, and his world came crashing down.

#31 - Book
Piers had suggested getting out of bed, but Alex's raised eyebrow from over the top of his book soon dispelled that idea (anyway, it was nice and warm.)

#32 - Eye
"Look me in the eye and tell me you hate me."

#33 - Never
"I will never let you go," hissed Alex, and his voice was low and harsh, and his hands were tight in Piers' hair.

#34 - Sing
Alex, in a snit, had constructed a fortress of cold; now, he sat in its heart and listened to the ice sing as Piers sulked outside.

#35 - Sudden
It hit him so suddenly Piers nearly cried out with it; the desperate longing to walk the streets of his home again, but Conservato's will stood strong and all of Alex's threats couldn't open the gates of Lemuria.

#36 - Stop
Piers wasn't sure Alex would stop if he told him to, but it didn't matter; he had no intention of stopping him anyway.

#37 - Time
Oh, it changed all things but them, ended all lives but theirs, and if by clinging to each other they could find a way to live with that, then that's what they would do.

#38 - Wash
"Alex, I don't care what you're researching, you've not bathed in days!"

#39 - Torn
"It's my homeland, Alex, they need a king, why can't you just come with me, please?"

#40 - History
Everything would be so much easier if he could just forget the past, but every time he looked at Alex (behind him in the mirror; asleep in his bed; walking tirelessly next to him) he saw the man who had tried to destroy the world.

#41 - Power
Alex had nearly all the power in the world, a fact that never failed to drive him into a destructive rage when mentioned; Piers made sure never to bring it up.

#42 - Bother
Sometimes Piers was tempted to cut his hair short, just to save the bother of detangling it every morning (and then he saw the elegant waterfall flowing down Alex's back and vowed to keep his long if it killed him.)

#43 - God
Lemurians had no religion, but Piers couldn't help but worship Alex.

#44 - Wall
Talking to Alex could be like running into a brick wall of deception and arrogance and intelligence, but that had never stopped Piers trying.

#45 - Naked
Alex was shameless, but Piers had centuries of Lemurian prudishness to overcome; with Alex's help, however, it didn't take too long.

#46 - Drive
It may be desperation that drives them, or hope, or maybe they don't have any other choice, but still; they carry on.

#47 - Harm
Piers knew Alex wouldn't let any harm come to him from others; that was his right alone.

#48 - Precious
"Alex, I know you don't care, but this is my ship and if you run it into one more reef I swear I am going fucking kill you!"

#49 - Hunger
Calm and composed and controlled as he might be, after a century of starvation and solitude Alex had the appetite of a horse (and not just for food.)

#50 - Believe
Piers didn't believe in gods or demons or heroes or villains, but he believed in the solid presence of Alex at his side, and that was enough.