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[Gen] [One-shot] Home [Jun. 29th, 2006|05:43 pm]
Golden Sun Fanfiction


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Reviving dead communties is always fun, right? Right!

Title: Home
Fandom: Golden Sun
Rating: G
Genre: Gen; character reflection
Pairings/Characters: Ivan
Warnings: None. At all.
Summary: Six snapshots of Ivan, Contigo, and what home is to him.
Notes: coolorbit and I were talking about Ivan and Hammet's relationship, and we found that Ivan probably doesn't have a father/son relationship with Hammet, since everyone addresses Ivan as Hammet's servant, and Ivan addresses Hammet as "Master Hammet." However, for the sake of this fic, I will be making the assumption that Ivan is treated not as a servant, but as Hammet's adoptive son. Oh, and, completely un-beta'd. Any mistakes are my own.

( This cut, it is faker than Pamela Anderson's breasts. )